Best Apps for gambling

We shop with our smartphones from home, check the account balance etc. But what defines good mobile access for a competitor and where can I get my own odds for my bet? Want to know more about the best apps for gambling, read it below.

How can I bet on mobile with these apps for gambling?

The desktop versions of the betting providers are well known. Almost all betting providers also have a mobile version of their homepages. These apps for gambling can be accessed via smartphone or tablet. The app consists of the bookmaker's mobile betting offer. In terms of handling, it can be a real gift.


 How do I recognize a good sports betting app?

With a good sports betting app, all functions that are available on the desktop version must also be available on the app. Sometimes it is the case that some possible settings are only offered on the desktop version, but not mobile. This is not the case with serious and service-oriented competitors.

Another main criterion is that the app is stable and the handling flawless. If it is awkward to check a betting slip via the app and the process just takes too long.

In addition, a good sports betting app can be recognized by the fact that there is also a bonus via mobile access.

Apps for gambling with IOS

Maybe even a mobile bonus that is exists additionally only for players using the service via mobile device.

How can I bet with iOS?

For all iPhone owners or customers who use a device with iOS, there is usually the option of downloading apps from the Apple App Store or iTunes. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that the download of the app eats up storage space.

Tip: You can also create an app for the iPhone yourself. Open the bookmaker in your browser and click on the middle icon in the bar. Now, you can “Add to website to your home screen”. The betting manager's mobile page will now be visible as a normal app on your iPhone or iPad.

How can I place bets on Android and play with Apps for gambling?

Smartphone users with Android do not get the benefit of sports betting dedicated apps, as Google forbids this type of app in its guidelines. Therefore, some betting providers are offering a new apk file that allows the app to be downloaded manually.

We advise against it, however, as removing the security regulations of the cell phone is managed according to security law. Open the bookmaker rights in your browser. That is the loss and accountability that less mobile data entails.

Tip: You can use the same trick as with iOS and simply add the bookmaker’s website to your Home Screen. That way you will get the feeling of using a real app. At least until Google changes its regulations and adds bookmakers as well as online casinos to their program.

Comparison: native app vs mobile homepage

The advantage of an app is clear: it is available directly on the smartphone with one click and that is simply convenient. However, there are also some disadvantages because some apps for gambling require a lot of storage space.